Snippet: Apple Opens OS X Betas to Non-Developers ☇

Shared on April 22, 2014

Apple now allows anyone with an Apple ID to try out the latest betas of OS X and offer feedback. I think this could allow Apple to find and fix problems sooner than later, but also it seems that the rumors are more focused around iOS betas, so why not? For those keeping track at home, the last time there was a public beta offered by Apple, it was the OS X Public Beta.

The OS X Beta Seed Program gives users the opportunity to run pre-release software. Test-drive beta software and provide quality and usability feedback that will help make OS X even better.

Join the OS X Beta Seed Program and accept the Beta Seed and Confidentiality Agreement. Apple will provide a Beta Access Utility for your Mac, which gives you access to pre-release versions of OS X in the Mac App Store Updates panel.

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