Snippet: Apple Subsidiary FileMaker Inc. Changes Its Name (Back) to Claris ☇

Shared on August 6, 2019

Frederic Lardinois for TechCrunch:

Remember Claris, the 1987 Apple spin-off that made applications like MacWrite, MacPaint and FileMaker? In 1998, Apple brought all of those products in-house again, with the exception of the low-code application platform FileMaker . With that move, Claris changed its name to FileMaker Inc. Today, however, the Claris name rises from the dead, as FileMaker Inc. is changing its name to Claris International. The name of the FileMaker product itself, though, remains the same.

I wasn’t expecting this today, but it makes sense if the product lineup will be more than FileMaker and nice to see an old name return. I also wonder if this will be a way for Apple to eventually silo off in-house apps from the operating system and App Store with more scrutiny and potential regulation on keeping things competitive. Moof!

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