Snippet: Apple Tysons Corner: A New Chapter ☇

Shared on May 21, 2023

Michael Steeber:

This is the first time a physical Genius Bar has been installed in a new Apple Store since 2015, when Apple last redesigned the store experience. Even the atomic Genius Bar logo is back with an updated design. […]

The back left corner is home to Today at Apple, where Creative Pros will gather customers around a new lowered table and a small Forum Display. Apple says lower tables are better suited for longer interactions.

Unlike recent stores that include a dedicated Apple Pickup area in the back center, pickup at Tysons Corner is located on the right side next to the Genius Bar. The low counter is built into the alcove, and a credenza at the back is filled with customer orders ready to pick up.

While I really liked a lot of aspects of the prior-generation of Apple Stores (such as the new one in Indianapolis when I was living there), there were some things that felt very disorganized even for someone who understands the process. Pickup and the Genius Bar need dedicated locations instead of “here, stand by this random table over there.” It’s also really nice to see Apple’s continued push to keep everything accessible and comfortable.

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