Snippet: Apple’s Deliciously Dripping with Disdain Press Release ☇

Shared on January 25, 2024

M.G. Siegler on his new site, Spyglass:

Earlier today, I laid out why I thought Apple might end up taunting the EU with any changes they implement to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) laws set to take effect in March. And after a roughly 30 minute honeymoon period when folks thought Apple may actually be turning over a new leaf, it’s pretty clear how Apple feels about these changes that they’re being made to implement. Which is to say: not great, Bob!

I mean, this press release is pretty bonkers. To showcase this truly amazing tone and tenor for corporate communications, I will literally highlight the best parts…

There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled over this change and while the idea does seem appealing at first, it’s not a great look for Apple, even though they could’ve just copied the Mac’s Gatekeeper feature and most people would’ve still used the App Store.

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