Snippet: Apple’s Early iPad Prototype ☇

Shared on July 18, 2012

Yoni Heisler for Network World’s iOnApple in light of the recently-unsealed deposition given by Apple design chief Jonathan Ive in Apple and Samsung’s patent war (via MacRumors):

So what did this mysterious 035 mockup actually look like? Well, I looked back at some older filings in the Samsung/Apple case and stumbled across the 035 mockup in question. And now with the added context from Ive’s deposition, these photos may be the earliest iPad mockups you’ll ever see. And keep in mind that this was a tablet mockup Apple had in the works for years before they introduced the iPad.

I think there are a lot of iBook/MacBook design cues, where it almost feels more Mac than iPod. Still, you can’t deny the connection with this early prototype and the gadget we all know and love today. Perhaps it was actually introduced and came from a parallel universe?

Update: How about some full-color photos?

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