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Snippet: Apple’s Weather App Not Nice ☇

Shared on July 13, 2021

Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge:

If you’re an iPhone user, the weather is always a particularly nice 70 degrees. Or 68 degrees. Any temperature but 69 degrees, actually, because it turns out that the built-in weather app on some versions of iOS — including the current version, iOS 14.6 — will refuse to display the internet’s favorite number, even if the actual temperature in a given location is, in fact, 69 degrees, along with several other (less meme-able) numerals like 65 and 71 degrees.

It’s not clear if this is a bug or an intentional attempt from Apple to cut down on 69-related humor. The rounding is only visible in the weather app itself: clicking through to Apple’s source data from will show the proper temperature, as do Apple’s home screen widgets. But the iOS weather app will refuse to show 69 degrees anywhere in the forecast, whether it’s for the current temperature, the hourly forecast for the day, or the extended forecast.

That’s it. Time to break-up the company! Apple has gone too far with its power! Shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.

Jokes aside, it seems it might be a bug related to conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit, but I did notice this myself due to a stretch of mild weather in the Midwest—my Home Screen widget would show 69 degrees, but opening the app would always be 70 (yes, my humor is juvenile).

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