Snippet: AT&T Price-Hikes Existing Customers for a “Bonus” ☇

Shared on November 7, 2019

Sean Hollister for The Verge:

AT&T has a gift for wireless subscribers on many of its old Mobile Share Value data plans: it’s giving them an extra 15GB of “bonus” data — and it’s making them pay an extra $10 a month for that “bonus.”

It’s almost like the company is forcing people to move to a more expensive plan, only AT&T figured out a way to make that not technically true. Instead, it’s worded in a way that suggests the company is providing you with a SURPRISE BENEFIT that costs you money! It is quite literally an offer you can’t refuse.

AT&T has done nonsense like this a few times in the past and it’s just slimy. They want to reduce their massive debt and are nickel and diming their way out of it. It also seems that it’s a way to pressure people into their unlimited plans, which have various caveats and limitations.

While voting with your wallet is always a great option, AT&T does have a very good network. If you are on one of the affected plans, but want to stick with AT&T, downgrade to a cheaper plan (since many have had increases in price and data allotments) or call 611, say you want to cancel, and see what the retentions department can offer.

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