Snippet: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint Not Throttling iOS Speeds ☇

Shared on June 6, 2013

Joseph Brown went poking around in the carrier settings files on iPhones and iPads and found that everyone but T-Mobile seems to have set limits on iPhones and iPads:

  • AT&T limits HSPA+ and permanently applies a soft throttle for LTE (unless hack is applied)
  • Verizon permanently a soft throttle on LTE (unless hack is applied)
  • Verizon and Sprint out a soft throttle on 3G (unless hack is applied)
  • Apple has band preferences set for T-Mobile and AT&T causing signal issues (very much fixable by Apple and the carrier and is currently being looked into, from I’ve been told)

Apparently this hypothesis was not the case, as Brian Klug for AnandTech reports:

Again, there’s no reason for Apple to want to arbitrarily limit their devices, and the reality is that they don’t, at all, on any version of iPad or iPhone or in any of the carrier bundles they’ve distributed for network operators. If anything, Apple has long been one of the few handset vendors who initially understood the importance of limiting annoying operator customizations. The Carrier Bundles are quite literally the only place in the entire OS they have indirect access (through Apple) to toggles they can play with.

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