Snippet: Backup Photos While Traveling with an iPad Pro and a Raspberry Pi ☇

Shared on November 26, 2016

This two-parter shows what a bit of ingenuity and geekiness can create when you have a palm-sized Linux box and an iPad that acts as a client:

I’ve been on a quest to finding the ideal travel photo backup solution for a long time. Relying on just tossing your SD cards in your camera bag after they are full during a trip is a risky move that leaves you too exposed: SD cards can be lost or stolen, data can get corrupted or cards can get damaged in transit. Backing up to another medium – even if it’s just another SD card – and leaving that in a safe(r) place while traveling is the best practice. Ideally, backing up to a remote location would be the way to go, but that may not be practical depending on where you are traveling to and Internet availability in the region.

Certainly this is overkill for most people (I use an iCloud Photo Library, back up some things to a remote FTP server, and finally have a SanDisk Connect flash drive as yet another option), but it’s a fascinating build nonetheless.

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