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Snippet: Behind the Scenes at Scary Fast: Apple’s Keynote Event Shot on iPhone ☇

Shared on October 31, 2023


On Monday, October 30, at Apple’s Scary Fast special event unveiling the all-new MacBook Pro with the M3 family of chips and 24-inch iMac with M3, there was an unseen star of the show working behind the scenes. All of the presenters, locations, and drone footage in the event were filmed using iPhone 15 Pro Max, the preferred smartphone for creative pros and filmmakers. Led by documentary film director Brian Oakes, known for the award-winning Jim: The James Foley Story and Living with Lincoln, Scary Fast put iPhone 15 Pro Max right in the middle of the action.

While they didn’t strictly use an iPhone by itself, it was still the primary device doing the capturing. I’ve been enjoying the evolution of Apple’s “infomercials” over the past few years, prerecorded events necessitated by the pandemic. While the initial ones had way more polish than anyone was expecting, the current ones tend to take advantage of and have fun with the medium. In some ways, by sharing the behind-the-scenes process, the Scary Fast event also became another ad for the iPhone 15 Pro.

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