Snippet: Ben Lowy’s Time Magazine Cover ☇

Shared on November 8, 2012

Mel Martin at TUAW profiles Ben Lowy’s work, which includes the latest cover of Time Magazine covering Superstorm Sandy. The dramatic crashing wave photo was actually shot on an iPhone, which Lowy has been embracing as his go-to camera:

I asked him if it was embarrassing as a pro to be carrying an iPhone when most of his colleagues are into Nikon and Canon gear. “People don’t think twice about it,” Lowy told me. “It’s a fast little camera and I do like that on a tough assignment.” At times though, he says, “pros will push me aside” assuming he is a tourist or amateur.

He’s not a photographer who uses a lot of filters, but he does add some grain for effect, and plays with curves and color balance. The results are terrific, and sometimes people are surprised with the modest gear he uses to produce his iconic images.

I think the lesson from cases like this is that the iPhone’s built-in camera won’t necessarily replace a complete professional setup, but still can be used in certain circumstances to produce high-quality results.

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