Snippet: Between Two iPads ☇

Shared on July 14, 2016

Ben Brooks moves between two iPads, depending on the task and it’s really no different than someone using multiple Macs or PCs, even if people will scoff:

There used to be endless posts online on how to best work with two Macs — how to keep things in sync between a desktop and a laptop — and all the other messes that technology had yet to solve. I was right there with everyone, trying to divvy the work between two computers. In a way, having two iPads reopens this same discussion.

Although I haven’t subscribed to this setup myself, I have tried to used multiple computers in tandem over the years and even with the best synchronization services, it still felt awkward. For some reason, going from one iOS device to another feels more natural and seamless, probably because of how the operating system, filing structure, and overall tools are designed. I could easily throw an iPad mini or some sort of 9.7″ iPad (Baby Pro or Air 2) between my iPhone SE and 12.9″ iPad Pro and grab whatever device is closest.

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