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Snippet: ‘Beyond Sketchy’: Facebook Demanding Some New Users’ Email Passwords ☇

Shared on April 4, 2019

Kevin Poulsen for The Daily Beast:

Facebook users are being interrupted by an interstitial demanding they provide the password for the email account they gave to Facebook when signing up. “To continue using Facebook, you’ll need to confirm your email,” the message demands. “Since you signed up with [email address], you can do that automatically…”

A form below the message asked for the users’ “email password.”

“That’s beyond sketchy,” security consultant Jake Williams told the Daily Beast. “They should not be taking your password or handling your password in the background. If that’s what’s required to sign up with Facebook, you’re better off not being on Facebook.”

In a statement emailed to The Daily Beast after this story published, Facebook reiterated its claim it doesn’t store the email passwords. But the company also announced it will end the practice altogether.

I get Facebook is probably wanting to verify that accounts are real, but the fact that someone thought this was a good idea baffles me. They should probably ask for social security numbers and bank information instead. I’m sure they’ll be secure.

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