Snippet: Bill Gates Tries to Tell Apple Its Business ☇

Shared on July 3, 2012

Apparently Bill Gates thinks the Surface is so big that Apple will need to make a similar product of their own, as Chris Matyszczyk wrote for CNET. The interview took place last night on Charlie Rose’s PBS show (via The Loop):

He insisted, though, that Surface allows you to be creative in a way that the iPad doesn’t. This was a fusing of the tablet and PC category.

Rose then asked whether Apple would “have to change,” whether Cupertino would have to make something more Surface-like.

Gates began by being circumspect, saying that the market hadn’t declared this was what it wanted yet, but he said that the idea of Apple having to create a Surface-like device was “a strong possibility.”

“This is a seminal event,” he declared.

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