Snippet: Brad Mangin Made More from Photo Gigs in 2016 with His iPhone Than His DSLRs ☇

Shared on January 14, 2017

Brad Mangin:

This iPhone assignment the final week of the year was the icing on the cake in a year that saw my business turn upside down. I have been a freelance sports photographer since 1993, with my main clients being Sports Illustrated and Major League Baseball. PetaPixel wrote a story about me last year in which I talked about the changing business and how difficult things had become for me.

In 2016, the tide began to turn for me a little bit. I still earned my living shooting paid assignments and licensing stock images, but for the first time ever I made more money shooting paid gigs with my iPhone than with my Canon.

I can see how this would happen—the iPhone’s camera (especially on the 7 Plus) is getting good enough for many things and is way more convenient. I doubt DSLRs will die anytime soon, but having some controls, RAW support, and the ability to tweak on-device really has changed the process for some.

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