Snippet: Brianna Wu on Gamergate ☇

Shared on February 12, 2015

Brianna Wu shares some of the things she deals with on a daily basis that seem to go largely ignored by the tech and law enforcement community:

My name is Brianna Wu. I develop video games for your phone. I lead one of the largest professional game-development teams of women in the field. Sometimes I speak out on women in tech issues. I’m doing everything I can to save my life except be silent. […]

The reality is, this circus has sucked every bit of joy from a career I once felt destined for. Zoe recently Tweeted a picture of a vending machine with a sign: “The light inside is broken, but I still work.” There’s not a single day I don’t ask myself why I’m here, and why I keep doing this.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not qualified to speak on the matter and don’t have pull at large tech companies, but I applaud Wu’s bravery and the least I can do is share her story—I just hope someone in a place to do it will put a stop to this kind of behavior (she even includes some suggestions). I also think Casey Liss’s comments are worth reading, as they echo my sentiment entirely:

What Brianna Wu (among many others) has gone through is not only stupefying, but also terrifying. I don’t know how she has the will, the tenacity, and the stamina to continue to fight every day. To continue to fight for something that should already be a given. To continue to fight for her right to be a woman with an opinion.

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