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Snippet: Bundling Apple News+ ☇

Shared on February 5, 2020

Nick Heer has compiled a few posts regarding the state of Apple News+, and added his own take:

It’s very hard to make the case for Apple News Plus as a standalone service. In fact, I think it’s hard to make the case for many of Apple’s services to be so independent of each other. It feels very strange that Apple bills me multiple times every month, each time for a different service.

I’ve tried Apple News+ and it’s a firehose of content—some great, some dumb, and some tiring. With everything else I read throughout the day and keep a very small sliver of attention on local, national, and world news, it’s a bit tough to feel like I’m justifying the monthly cost of another subscription.

There isn’t exactly anything wrong with the design and breadth of content, it just isn’t something I find myself using. Bundled with other services may make it a no-brainer, but by itself, the few bits of “free” content are good enough (and I firmly believe in paying for quality journalism).

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