Snippet: The Verge Just Won’t Let It Go ☇

Shared on August 25, 2018

Chaim Gartenberg reinforces the hill that The Verge wants to die on:

Now, there are some who might argue that the dongle only tops the chart because of the fact that Apple made the still-frustrating decision to remove an industry-wide standard port from its devices, or because the adapter is easily lost or prone to breaking. But I will say that those people are clearly just stumping for their fallen favorite accessories like the Lighting cable or wired EarPod headphones, and have yet to realize the courageous elegance that the dongle can bring to their lives.

I generally like a lot of things posted on The Verge, be it pro- or anti-Apple. They generally do a good job, but the site started complaining about this before the iPhone 7, and it comes up every now and then, despite the general public seeming to have adapted for both iPhones and many Android phones. Bluetooth headphones can be found for relatively low prices and Apple even includes an adapter and Lightning-equipped EarPods in the box. If you’re going to ditch a port, those inclusions are more than reasonable.

The report, which was taken from 9to5Mac and originally Ceros (which is worth a read) tends to be more factual and analytical, rather than the, “But the dongles!” rhetoric that one can expect from The Verge.

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