Snippet: But the iPad is Replacing My Laptop ☇

Shared on March 5, 2012

Eric Grevstad for PC Magazine:

That’s because, for all the talk about whether the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor or a retina display or a VW Beetle bud vase, we already know one thing about it: It won’t be a laptop. And we know, if we’re honest, that the iPad is no substitute for a laptop. Never will be. Isn’t supposed to be.

While I agree with Grevstad that the iPad and most laptops are different beasts, and it isn’t intended to be a laptop replacement, for many it’s becoming one anyway. I think if someone can understand its limitations and doesn’t need a full-blown computer at all times, the iPad is a great, but different mix of entertainment and content creation.

After owning an iPad for more than a year, my MacBook Pro is getting ignored more and more, or is often used at a desk. I think my next Mac will most certainly be a desktop, thanks to the iPad.

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