Snippet: Buy n Large Prime ☇

Shared on June 20, 2014

Stephen Hackett:

While Amazon isn’t killing the planet — and probably won’t send us all to space when Earth is so polluted the human race faces extinction — it’s not hard to imagine a world in which the company’s sheer size and ubiquity make it impossible to avoid. Amazon is already my default when it comes to purchasing all sorts of items. As the company grows, I’m only more likely to use my Prime account more and more often.

All that said, I like Amazon for the most part. I don’t think the company is evil, but I don’t want to be in a chair having everything I need to me delivered to my fingertips automatically.

I agree—I live fairly close to a number of retail stores, but Amazon often beats them with price, variety, and sometimes even getting items to me quickly. Although I don’t necessarily enjoy shopping I do like it as an excuse to get out of the house.

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