Snippet: Carriers Killing Galaxy Note 7 Soon ☇

Shared on December 9, 2016

Shara Tibken for CNET:

The wireless carriers on Friday said they will issue software updates from Samsung that will prevent Note 7 devices from charging and will “eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.” Samsung earlier in the day announced plans for the update to make sure the remaining seven percent of Note 7 owners turn in their phones.

T-Mobile’s update will come December 27, while AT&T will release the update on January 5. Sprint will push out the new software to its users on January 8.

“We always want to do the right thing and make sure our customers are safe, so on December 27 we will roll out Samsung’s latest software update, which is designed to stop all remaining Note 7 devices from charging,” T-Mobile said in a statement provided to CNET. “T-Mobile customers who still have a Note 7 should immediately power down and stop using the device, and bring it back to a T-Mobile store for a full refund and a replacement device.”

It’s disappointing that Verizon is not participating, as it may force the last of people hanging on to their Galaxy Note 7s to finally turn them in. At this point, if you’re still using one, you deserve to have it bricked.

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