Snippet: Chevy MyLink Limits Features on Siri ☇

Shared on January 6, 2013

I’m all for safety, and anything to prevent people from texting and driving, but I find all of these integrated in-car systems annoying, since they prevent the iPhone from handling things on its own. Some of the worst culprits are the systems that have their own phone books and require you to dial from there. My ideal system would have a good amplifier and speakers. Other than that, just give me a Bluetooth connection with audio controls, basic phone controls (answer call, hangup, bring up voice commands) and I’ll be happy. It’ll work cross-platform and probably won’t be obsolete in ten years when I’ve long since replaced my phone a few times:

It works well, allowing you to do the usual Siri things like asking for sports scores, sending texts, and changing music, but it’s not the full set of Siri functions: it’s not integrated with the navigation system, and Siri won’t answer any questions that require you to look at the iPhone’s screen. (You are theoretically driving, after all.) Some of the omissions make sense, but some are baffling: Siri was happy to answer the classic “where can I hide the body?” with a list of suggestions, but refused to convert kilometers to miles.

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