Snippet: Coda 2.5 and the Mac App Store ☇

Shared on May 14, 2014

Cabel Sasser:

Coda 2.5 is essentially complete. But, we’re still encountering sandboxing challenges. So, in the interest of finally getting Coda 2.5 out the door and in the hands of you, our very eager and patient customers, we’ve decided it’s time to move on—for now.

In short: Coda 2.5 will not be sandboxed, and therefore will not be available in the Mac App Store.

Sad that it had to come to this, but if you have a longtime, Apple-centric developer like Panic not able to make the Mac App Store work, how will you get others? I’m not the only one slightly concerned by this. On the other hand, good for Panic for making their product better and also looking to make the process as customer-friendly as possible. They even rolled out their own answer to the lack of iCloud support:

Panic Sync will work between Panic apps—Coda and Diet Coda to start. And Panic Sync is free. In short, we’ll trade you iCloud for something great.

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