Snippet: Communications Hygiene (and the Demise of Texting) ☇

Shared on January 23, 2024

Seth Godin:

Texting is first come next served. There’s no nuance to it, no priority list, nothing but ‘I read it’ or ‘I didn’t.’

The asymmetry of the dynamic here sows the seeds of the demise. It’s up to every single person you know to protect your attention, up to each of them to be generous and discreet and not waste your time. And the cost of them simply doing what everyone else is doing is so low that the whole thing begins to degrade.

Add to that the ease with which telemarketers and spammers can now weaponize your initial contact (14 notes about one dinner reservation!) and you can see how the path only goes one way.

It amazes me the absolute tone-deaf nature that so many businesses have if you share your number or email for things like a dinner reservation. Worse, it’s typically not the business you’re interacting with, but rather the platform that’s used for making the reservation. Maybe I’m a bit salty, but excessive texts and auto-subscriptions to email lists puts any business on thin ice. Just because I have an interaction with you for one transaction doesn’t mean that I want to form an ongoing relationship every time.

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