Snippet: Context ☇

Shared on April 15, 2013

Amit Jain talks about how the iPhone could be smarter (via MacStories):

Sensors are little widgets which make our devices aware of their surroundings, their users. The iPhone can sense ambient lighting conditions, proximity of the user to itself, its location, orientation and motion relative to the planet. The iPhone does not know enough. Proper context will require data in many more dimensions, dimensions which can define the user and his state. Their sheer number will placate strenuous constraints on their size and energy consumption but demand ever more accurate data. It is not difficult to realize that sensors will ride the next wave of innovation in computing. These minuscule and sophisticated apparatus will usher in the age of personal data.

He continues to look at how Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple use data and what role they play in our context-based and interpreted future.

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