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Snippet: Converting a Verizon SIM to eSIM ☇

Shared on September 11, 2022

Casey Liss:

My iPhone 13 Pro currently has a physical SIM in it, and though I’d assume Apple would have a plan for upgrades like this, you never really know. This is also complicated because I buy phones unlocked; I wonder if the upgrade path is a little squishier when you’re not replacing an existing device with one locked to your same carrier.

So, in order to hopefully get ahead of the game for next week, I decided to try to convert my physical SIM to an eSIM. As it turns out, this process wasn’t particularly difficult, but I figured it’d be worth documenting for others.

The instructions below will only be useful for my carrier, Verizon Wireless.

This should be useful for a handful of people and there’s also linked instructions for AT&T customers, but it demonstrates how just about every carrier has their own process for migrating from physical SIM to eSIM (and let’s not get into business or prepaid customers). Nonetheless, I hope the iPhones 14 forces carriers to make the eSIM management process as easy as it could be.

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