Snippet: Corporations Are Not To Be Loved ☇

Shared on January 17, 2024

Brent Simmons:

Apple’s positive effect on my life should not be underestimated. My Mom once (lovingly, teasingly) said to me that my alternate career, had all this never happened, was “criminal genius.” Which might have been fun too, but possibly more stressful than I might have liked. At any rate, Apple has saved me from a life of crime.

But I need to remember, now and again, that Apple is a corporation, and corporations aren’t people, and they can’t love you back. You wouldn’t love GE or Exxon or Comcast — and you shouldn’t love Apple. It’s not an exception to the rule: there are no exceptions.

My relationship with Apple is a lot like following a sports team and I agree with this sentiment. While I really like a lot of Apple products, I love the community of folks that I’ve geeked out with and learned from over the years. The business side of things? Not so much, but a necessary evil. There’s a lot of wonderful people that work at Apple that we can appreciate, but to paraphrase Simmons, if they were in the way of company goals, they’d probably be shown the door.

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