Snippet: Developers, It’s Time to Delete the Facebook SDK ☇

Shared on April 24, 2019

Andrew Orr for The Mac Observer:

I’m starting a movement. Every movement needs a hashtag, so ours will be #DeleteFBSDK. I’ve been seeing more people becoming aware of their privacy, and seeing how valuable it is. It’s one of those things that you only see the value of once it’s already gone. […]

It always starts with people. The U.S. government may or may not create privacy regulations. Regulations won’t just affect tech giants, they will affect indie developers too. But we don’t have to wait around for the government to do something. All of us can take action, like using products and services that align with good values. For some people, that means using Apple products. For others it means using an operating system like LineageOS, with Linux on the desktop.

I still find the concept of signing into various apps and services using Facebook or Google credentials very strange. I like the idea of decoupling my relationship with that particular company and that of Facebook, Google, or whomever else. What’s even more annoying are the places that have only built their accounts around a Facebook login.

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