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Snippet: Digital Catch-Up at Tribune ☇

Shared on September 28, 2015

Lynne Marek for Crain’s Chicago Business interviews Tribune Publishing CEO Jack Griffin (via Stephen Hackett):

Holding the paper up, he said: “I could be wrong, but I don’t think that this entirely goes away. I think there’s enough about it—the experience that’s sufficiently different with both the advertising and the editorial. I mean, how do you do that online?” He answers his own question later: “That’s really hard to do online or on a phone.” […]

He said he expects young people, like his 20-something sons, will continue to gravitate to newspapers, even print editions. As they move into adulthood and begin to care more about settling into a community, they’ll turn to a newspaper, as generations of Americans before them have, he predicts.

I grew up in a household that got the Chicago Tribune, and the quality and size slowly declined, probably in relation to declining subscriptions. While there is certainly value to newspapers, most have not figured out a way to move to the web and mobile in an enjoyable way. Mix in the declining stock and how the company recently spun off its broadcast properties, and this doesn’t give me hope for Tribune figuring it out.

On the flip side, I’ve been trying out The Washington Post’s electronic edition (thanks, Amazon Prime) and have been fairly pleased so far. It’s not perfect, but does give me hope that some publications can at least attempt to make the jump to digital.

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