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Snippet: Drobo, Having Stopped Sales and Support, Reportedly Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ☇

Shared on May 16, 2023

Kevin Purdy for Ars Technica (via Stephen Hackett):

You don’t hear nearly as much about Drobo boxes as you used to, especially on sites like Ars Technica. We now have some news, but it isn’t good.

StorCentric, the holding company for the Drobo and Retrospect brands, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late June 2022. Now, AppleInsider reports that, based on an email sent by StorCentric, the bankruptcy shifted from reorganization-minded Chapter 11 to liquidation-focused Chapter 7 in late April.

The writing for Drobo was on the wall, or at least on its website. Text at the top of the homepage notes that, as of January 27, 2023, Drobo products and support for them are no longer available. “Drobo support has transitioned to a self-service model,” the site reads. “We thank you for being a Drobo customer and entrusting us with your data.”

While I never owned a Drobo, I used some in past jobs and owned the related File Transporter for a few years before ultimately moving to a Synology DS216+II. Unlike most NASes out there, some Drobo models were USB, Firewire, eSATA, or Thunderbolt-based allowing you to have a lot of direct storage. It’s a bit of a sad thing that everyone kind of forgot about their products.

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