Snippet: End of the Road for MacNN ☇

Shared on June 22, 2016

Pour one out for MacNN:

Cast your mind back to the spring of 1995. Apple was making Macs — the last of the Performas, among other models — and the Clone Wars were already underway, all while MacNN was starting out as a serious journal covering Mac technology. Nothing has changed since then, and yet everything has changed: Apple is now a cultural force, it’s shaping new industries, and it’s even making some money now, we hear. From when the company was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and irrelevance, to the crowning of Apple as the most valuable and influential tech company in the world, MacNN has been there. As of July 1, Apple will carry on — but MacNN will not, we’re sorry to say.

It’s kind of amazing we made it this far – only TidBITs and MacWorld are older and still around – but we’ve been told we’re packing it in. We’ve joked before that Apple becoming a huge mainstream company is the worst thing that ever happened to us, but it’s true: there’s less need for an Apple-specific news site when news about Apple is plastered everywhere, on every site, all the time. This is not the sole reason why we’re having to give up our comfy home (and just after repainting it, too!), but it’s part of the reality we’ve been working in.

MacNN was a favorite of mine from way back, although I think it didn’t make the jump to my new list of must-reads after Google Reader was shut down. Still, it will be sad to see another longstanding site that survived the rough times of Apple calling it quits.

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