Snippet: ESPN Radio Makes Things Right ☇

Shared on August 30, 2012

Matt and I are fans of ESPN Radio, and it was rather annoying last May when the new version of the iOS app was going to be a paid upgrade for both new users and previous users (who paid around $3 for the prior version), and the prior version was going to lose access on August 31. While the $5 in-app purchase was not a lot of money, the double-charging made many upset and the app had a quite negative rating on the App Store.

ESPN must have been listening to users and finally decided to make the app completely free, with no in-app purchases for a limited time (ends on December 31, 2012). I suspect after that, the app will be sold for a price around the $5 mark new users. This seems to be the best way to get around the lack of upgrade options on the App Store, and also keep existing users happy.

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