Snippet: Essential ☇

Shared on June 24, 2014

Federico Viticci:

A decade ago, with no iPhone, no mobile Internet, and no apps to help me along the way, I would have probably ended up risking my life trying to stop a car on the highway to ask for help at 1 AM. Yesterday, the iPhone allowed me to stay safe, call the police, and give them my exact position in a matter of seconds. The apps that I use every day provided a solution to a real problem that could have turned out much worse. I was constantly connected with other people and information I needed was only a few taps away.

Amen to that. A couple of years ago, I was driving with a friend and shredded a tire on the freeway late at night. We ended up using our iPhones to illuminate changing the tire and navigate back home along less busy roads since we were riding slowly on a donut spare. Although not as scary as Viticci’s story, I still saw the value of a do-everything connection to the world…even if that was an EDGE connection in the country.

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