Snippet: Everybody Loves Bob ☇

Shared on July 30, 2013

John Gruber:

There’s nothing punitive with [Bob] Mansfield’s role change, nor health problems or anything like that. Just a more focused role on certain new products. His un-retirement as a senior vice president last year was always intended to be transitional, not permanent…

…After talking to a few more people, the impression I’m left with is that Mansfield has been so successful and remains so popular, he can write his own ticket. And this is the ticket he’s written.

If Tim Cook signed off on this particular move, it really shows his understanding of what it takes to be a good leader. First he got Apple’s ducks in a row, and now he’s keeping talented employees happy. At this point, everyone knows that Mansfield could comfortably retire, but continues to work on things he enjoys.

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