Snippet: FBI Claims to Have Broken Into San Bernardino iPhone ☇

Shared on March 28, 2016

Russell Brandom for The Verge:

After months of work, the FBI finally has a way into the San Bernardino iPhone. In a court filing today, prosecutors told the court the new method for breaking into the phone is sound, and Apple’s assistance is no longer required. “The government has now successfully accessed the data stored on Farook’s iPhone,” the filing reads, “and therefore no longer requires assistance from Apple.” The filing provides no further details on the nature of the new method. Still, the result effectively finishes the court fight that has consumed Apple since February.

The Department of Justice first announced the existence of the new attack on March 21st, less than 24 hours before the first hearing on the order was scheduled to begin. According to prosecutors, the method was first demonstrated to law enforcement on the 20th and was sufficiently plausible that the bureau could no longer continue its case, which was premised on the claim that only Apple was capable of unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone. The government was scheduled to report on the effectiveness of the exploit on April 5th, but the FBI’s researchers appear to have finished early.

Of course, I’m sure we won’t hear how they did it…

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