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Snippet: Federico Viticci Rediscovers the Mac ☇

Shared on June 3, 2022

Federico Viticci:

Most of you probably know me as “the iPad guy”. And rightfully so: the iPad – more specifically, the iPad Pro – is my favorite computer Apple’s ever made; my coverage of iPad, iPad apps, and, later, iPadOS has far exceeded everything else on MacStories for the last 10 years. I’ve long considered myself primarily an iPad user and someone who strongly believes in the platform because there’s nothing else like it. I don’t think I need to tell that story again.

For these reasons, as you can imagine, when Apple got in touch with me last November asking if I wanted to try out one of the new MacBook Pros with the M1 Max chip, I welcomed their suggestion with a mix of surprise, trepidation, and, frankly, genuine curiosity. What could I, a longtime iPad user, even contribute to the discourse surrounding the comeback of the Mac lineup, the performance of Apple silicon, and the reality of modern Mac apps?

There was a stretch where an iPad was my primary computer, but I’m itching to pick up an Apple Silicon-based MacBook (hoping for a new Air at WWDC next week). I love my sixth-generation iPad mini, but being able to mix iOS and macOS applications in a lightweight device is way too enticing.

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