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Snippet: Fixing Facebook for iOS ☇

Shared on August 24, 2012

I generally have been Team Twitter, but with all the drama and controversy, I have also been giving Facebook a bit of a fair shake again. I was really impressed with the newest version of the iOS app, which improves speed by replacing HTML5 with native iOS code, and reworking quite a bit of the interface. I especially can appreciate how they explain all the techniques used to improve the app, and even end it with a Phil-Schiller-on-an-Apple-promo-video-esque blurb:

The best Facebook experience, in your pocket
Building on native iOS gives us a major opportunity to keep making the app faster, more reliable and feature-rich. Whether you have 30 seconds or an entire train ride to use Facebook we want you to have a fast and satisfying experience. We truly believe mobile is the best platform for Facebook, and the new Facebook for iOS is just one of our steps to ensure you have best Facebook experience anytime, anywhere.

The point is, even if you don’t use Facebook much, it is a fantastic and noticeable update, so I’m giving credit whee credit is due.

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