Snippet: Fixing Macs Door to Door ☇

Shared on January 16, 2024

Matthew Duggan on one of the weirder Apple-related jobs:

After a few weeks applying to every job on Craigslist, I landed an odd job working for an Apple Authorized Repair Center. The store was in a strip mall in the suburbs of Chicago with a Dollar Store and a Chinese buffet next door. My primary qualifications were that I was willing to work for not a lot of money and I would buy my own tools. My interview was with a deeply Catholic boss who focused on how I had been an alter boy growing up. Like all of my bosses early on, his primary quality was he was a bad judge of character.

I was hired to do something that I haven’t seen anyone else talk about on the Internet and wanted to record before it was lost to time. It was a weird program, a throwback to the pre-Apple Store days of Apple Mac support that was called AppleCare Dispatch. It still appears to exist ( but I don’t know of any AASPs still dispatching employees. It’s possible that Apple has subcontracted it out to someone else.

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