Snippet: Former Sun CEO Critical of Google ☇

Shared on April 27, 2012

Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz (no relation) has done his best to mess up things for Oracle in the trial against Google, but had plenty of comments in emails on Google’s licensing policies (via The Brooks Review):

“Off the record…”

God knows. They didn’t want us to open source Java – they’ve already made some stupid comments about the GPL (the license of both Java and Linux – the foundation of what they’re building).

As for how they avoid those licenses, I don’t know – they’ve shown a frankly stunning naivete about free software – even their ‘alliance’ seemed all over the map, with second tier hardware guys and carriers. They appear to be believing their own hype – in my mind, Apple got mindshare because they had a great product. Google’s presuming their brand will carry to a phone… in my view, it actually has to *be* a phone, not an alliance. And they showed nothing…

But they did a great job of hyping Andy Rubin :-)”

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