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Snippet: Four Years with My iPhone 3G ☇

Shared on January 13, 2013

Robert Flack shares some food for thought on keeping an old iPhone in service over at Streakmachine (via Patrick Rhone):

Four years ago I got my iPhone 3G. To this day it’s my daily driver smartphone and constant digital companion when I’m out and about. The world has since long moved on to newer devices with far more capacity and capabilities than my lowly little black iPhone can muster. Yet, I still use mine and haven’t really found many reasons to upgrade. I don’t want to be pulled down into a cesspool of unnecessary consumerism and get a new device every year, just because I can. Since it’s also not broken, there’s just no way I can justify replacing it.

I find this an interesting take, especially since the iPhone 3G felt a tad obsolete even when the iPhone 4 was released. I can appreciate what Flack is doing, but I don’t think I could go back that far from my current iPhone 5…maybe back to a 4.

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