Snippet: Google Glass About $80 in Parts ☇

Shared on May 4, 2014

Jordyn Taylor for Betabeat:

Here’s some fun news for all the people who couldn’t afford to shell out $1,500 for Google Glass a few weeks ago — one website has found that the combined cost of all Glass’ parts only comes out to around $80. Google, unsurprisingly, is denying the claims.

The depressing news comes from the folks at TechInsight’s business, who dissembled a pair of Google Glass and determined the price of each of its individual parts. We were surprised to see how inexpensive each component was: the battery was $1.14; the camera was $5.66; the actual glass was $3.00. The most expensive individual piece was the processor, which still only came in at a measly $13.96.

Although Google is refuting these estimates, that could be a great way to increase profits.

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