Snippet: Google Under Fire for Undermining Apple’s Security (Again) ☇

Shared on August 29, 2015

Jeff John Roberts for Fortune:

Those settings, which are slated to arrive when Apple launches its iOS 9 operating system in September, will require all content that arrives on an iPhone (via apps, ads or otherwise) to use an encryption setting known as “https.” The setting ensures that third parties can’t read or track what users are doing on their phones.

In a blog post this week, Google told AdMob users to get ready for the new Apple setting. But if they’re not prepared, Google said, they can use a few lines of code to override it. While this appears to be just a temporary suggestion for clumsy developers, it struck a raw nerve of the tech community…

I’m all for Google making money off of ads, but to encourage sloppy security (or none at all) for the sake of ads is about as careless as you can get.

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