Snippet: Google Wallet Adds Support for QR-Based Cards and Insurance Cards ☇

Shared on June 1, 2023

Ivan Mehta for TechCrunch:

The company said that users will soon be able to quickly scan barcodes or QR codes from things like gym passes or loyalty cards and save them to Google Wallet. The feature also supports scanning these codes from an existing image of an e-commerce return QR code or a digital parking ticket.

While Google is adding support for government-issued IDs to catch up with Apple’s effort, adding your own passes from existing barcodes and QR codes is a great idea and something Apple should have done years ago. As so many merchants are trying to push you to their apps, the ability to added loyalty passes to Wallet have been disappearing a bit, so being able to scan and save your own pass either from a physical item or a screenshot would be a welcome addition.

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