Snippet: The Wall Street Journal Agenda for Apple? ☇

Shared on March 14, 2013

Hilton Lipschitz did a quick search for ‘wsj apple’ and got quite a few negative headlines—is there some sort of additional narrative here? (via Amplified):

I’m not a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, but I have noted the past few months that the WSJ seems to issue regular negative news, no, opinions, no, rumors, no, rubbish on Apple.

So I ran a test, I Googled wsj apple.

I could see some of these specific negative headlines on anti-Apple sites, just as I’d expect pro-Apple headlines on a site that follows Apple, but The Wall Street Journal needs to be unbiased, factual, and neutral, especially when so many other places report from what it says. It’s pretty obvious this is driven by page views and ad impressions.

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