Snippet: Hackers Release Device Data Not Obtained From FBI ☇

Shared on September 10, 2012

Arnold Kim of MacRumors originally reported the news on September 4:

Hacker group Antisec has released a dump of 1 million unique identifiers (UDIDs) from Apple iOS devices tonight. The records reportedly came from a file found on an FBI laptop back in March…

…The file that was found was said to contain over 12 million device records, including Apple UDIDs, usernames, push notification tokens, and in some instances, names, cell phone numbers, addresses and zip codes.

My first thought wasn’t necessarily being upset with Antisec (although I am), but more that the FBI didn’t secure information, especially when it comes to millions of device profiles, user addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, and the like. Not only that, they were on this particular agent’s Desktop. I’d expect this from a credit card company, but I’d hope the FBI would at least attempt to secure information.

Updates: The FBI is now stating that Antisec lied about having the information and Apple issued a statement that they did not provide the FBI with device IDs and will actually be replacing UDIDs in iOS 6. After about a week, it seems the UDIDs and other information came from Blue Toad, an app development company.

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