Snippet: Hands On With Walmart’s New (But Buggy) ‘Text to Shop’ Feature ☇

Shared on January 26, 2023

Sarah Perez for TechCrunch:

Walmart recently introduced a new way to shop: via text. Last month, the retail giant launched its “Text to Shop” experience which allows mobile consumers across both iOS and Android devices to text Walmart the items they want to purchase from either their local stores or, or easily reorder items for pickup, delivery, or shipping. However, the chat experience as it stands today does not come across as fully baked, our tests found. The chatbot said confusing things and the user interface at times was difficult to navigate, despite aiming to be a simpler, text-based shopping experience. […]

Customers more recently began receiving emails to alert them to the fact that “Text to Shop” was newly available, which prompted our tests. The feature was also highlighted in Apple’s announcement of its new Apple Business Connect dashboard, which allows businesses to manage and update their information on Apple Maps. Here, Walmart partnered with Apple so customers who visit the Walmart business listing card on Apple Maps could tap on a “message us” button to get started with a “Text to Shop” session.

I wonder if this can be used to bug them about enabling NFC on their credit/debit card terminals? Walmart seems hell-bent on doing everything but allowing Apple Pay/Google Wallet Pay in their stores.

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