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Snippet: Hanging Up My Virtual Pen ☇

Shared on May 19, 2015

Ted Landau:

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I began to feel that these were all signs of a “torch-passing” moment. There is a generation of tech writers (of which I am a member) whose careers date back to the 80’s. We still vividly recall “highlight reel” moments from prior decades — like Steve Jobs unveiling the original Mac or the Boston Macworld Expo keynote that kicked off Steve’s triumphant return to Apple. For much of a younger generation, these events are tantamount to ancient history.

Tinkering with old (at the time) Macs in my younger years led me to many Macworld articles and books from Landau. Although his name isn’t as well known to those who came to Apple after the iPod, it will be sad to see his name disappear from a regular byline.

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