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Snippet: Happy Hour vs. Wine Lists ☇

Shared on May 24, 2023

Joe Rosensteel:

Companies are way ahead of people here. Part of the reason cable has been so slow to address cord cutting in any meaningful way is because they knew they still had people who did not want to cut the cord, despite high prices, and ads. Invariably this comes down to how we use television to adjust the balance of chemicals in our brains.

Not everyone wants on demand content that they specifically select from a menu like they’re looking through the wine list at a restaurant. Some people just want whatever the happy hour specials are. That’s not an indictment of the consumers, or the restaurant/streamer, but simply a function of preference. Sometimes people go back and forth in their behavior based on their mood. Stop the presses: People have moods!

This is a great analysis of where the streaming world is going—yours truly much prefers the “wine list” side of things, but it does feel that we’re moving more and more toward cheap, ad-supported disposable content.

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