Snippet: Here is Apple’s Official ‘Jailbroken’ iPhone for Security Researchers ☇

Shared on February 1, 2024

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai for TechCrunch:

In 2019, Apple announced it would start sending some security researchers a “special” version of the iPhone designed to be used to find vulnerabilities, which could then be reported to Apple so the company could fix them. In 2020, the company started shipping the devices, which are designed to have some security features disabled, making it easier for researchers to hunt bugs in iOS. […]

As for these days, Apple appears to have embraced the term jailbreaking by using it in the official instructions of the Security Research Device, according to a picture posted on X (previously Twitter) by security researcher Gergely Kalman.

“We’ve made it simple to get your existing tooling running on the Security Research Device. Through the cryptex subsystem, you can side load your tooling and it will run with platform privilege and any entitlement you’d like,” the instructions read. “This allows the rest of the security policies to remain enabled, providing the flexibility of a jailbroken device, while keeping the systems you’re investigating intact in a customer-like state.”

This is a pretty neat look at a device few will get to use—the unique stickers are a bonus, too.

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