Snippet: How Apple Makes the World a Better Place ☇

Shared on March 31, 2012

Cult of Mac’s Mike Elgan points out how Apple is helping others, rather than destroying everything non-Apple. It’s a pretty interesting read that flies in the face of the “everything with an Apple logo is overpriced” mentality:

…As Walmart bulldozes mom-and-pop retail stores and erect massive new super stores, that company gains control over how manufacturing companies do business. They squeeze every drop out of the companies that make products of every description, forcing them to cut corners, lay off or offshore workers and seek out lower quality materials. Because everyone is either unemployed or making less money, they can’t afford to shop anywhere except stores like Walmart. This is the opposite of Henry Ford’s strategy, which was to pay workers so much they could afford to buy his cars.

The self-reinforcing economic death spiral continues until society resembles The Hunger Games, where the majority live as virtual serfs in District 12 shantytowns and a minority live in obscene luxury and leisure in gleeming, high-tech cities.

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